Eva-Dry E-333 – Review

The Eva-Dry E-333 is one of the most interesting dehumidifiers out there. It’s one of those multifunctional, yet very specific models that are intended to do specific things only. This one is meant to be used in closets and spaces of such size. It’s called a „mini“ model because of it and now we’re going to talk about the features, the positive and the negative things we relate to it. 

Eva-Dry E-333 Dehumidifier


Non-toxicSpill and mess free and is non-toxic, child and pet safe.
CapacityThe unit lasts 20-30 days before renewing. Capacity 4 oz – 6 oz.

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No mess

This dehumidifier is probably one of the cleanest ones out there – it makes zero waste. It doesn’t spill and you can empty it very easily. This means that anyone can do this, even kids. 

Completely safe

Many people are worried whether these products are safe for their family and, more specifically, for those who don’t have great immunity. Don’t worry – your kids, the elders in your households as well as the pets are all completely safe with the Eva-Dry E-333 Dehumidifier. 

No chemicals, no toxic fumes. You’re good to go.

Long lifetime

A single product will last anywhere between 3 and 4 weeks before you need to renew it. You just plug it into an outlet. Thankfully, that’s budget-friendly so it won’t leave a big impact on your wallet. The capacity of the gadget is about 5 oz (0.15 liters) which means that, depending on the humidity of your room, you’ll have to empty it out daily or every other day. 

The numbers

If you’re wondering about how big of a space can this cover, it’s 333 cubic feet. If you convert this to meters, it’s 10 squares. If the room is very humid, you’re probably looking at less. The great thing is that the gadget doesn’t need any batteries or any wires – the clean and safe use fits any place.

Up to 10 years of use

With a single gadget, thanks to the completely renewable technology that uses silica gel, you can get up to 8 hours of daily use over the period of a decade! After the 8 hours, it has to be still and you can’t use it because the crystals in the gel need to „get charged again“. 

You’re also getting a fantastic 5-year guarantee that makes sure that you get the customer experience you were looking for. 

Say goodbye to signs of moisture

In our household, we often have signs of moisture that we attribute to other things. Damp and smelly clothes, a musty smell in our homes, wooden furniture that rots easily, mold on our walls… We’re not even going to mention the respiratory diseases that overwhelm us, especially those with asthma. 


  • small and portable
  • efficient in small spaces
  • lasts long, renewable


  • only for small spaces


If you’re looking for a small dehumidifier that you can use in spaces like your closet or your storage, this is possibly the best one to get. It’s not too powerful and you shouldn’t expect it to be very efficient in any spaces larger than your average closet room, but it’s healthy, doesn’t make a mess and it’s very easy and cheap to use.

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