Vremi 1500 Square Feet Dehumidifier – Review

Vremi 1500 sq.ft. a dehumidifier is one of the more interesting models out there and it has been getting attention since the phenomenal ratings and reviews kicked in. Since humid air has been an issue for many people who have health concerns, there had to be gadgets made to resolve that.

Vremi 1500 Square Feet Dehumidifier

At first, it was only big and industrial ones for companies, and then we started to see more residential dehumidifiers on the market. This one is a perfect combination of efficiency and size and will, therefore, accompany you well in your home.


Easy To Clean FilterNot only does our Moisture Maniac 22 Pint Dehumidifier remove excess moisture from the air, but it also purifies the surrounding environment.
Portable And EfficientThe Moisture Maniac 22 Pint Dehumidifier is lightweight and measures at 16.1” H x 10.4” L x 19.9” D.

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Covers 1500 square feet

It isn’t too often that you’ll see a residential dehumidifier of this power! This means that it can remove up to 22 pints from your air every 24 hours! The more important thing is that, while the process is happening, it won’t use up too much energy and won’t do any damage to your energy bill. 

Ease of use

This product is designed with all people in the manufacturer’s thoughts – elders, kids, inexperienced. It’s convenient, looks beautiful and has wheels and handles that help you move it around without getting exhausted. 

The only thing you need to take care of when setting it up is the moisture setting, and this option will stop when the 24-hour period goes by, or the tank is full, and the machine will shut off on its own. 

You can also get a hose and clean it out through the drain hose outlet, but you are not going to get the hose in the packaging since this is not the main idea for this product.

Quiet and baby-friendly

The machine has a quiet fan, which won’t be unsettling to kids or pets! 

No more moisture-related issues

This gadget will help you completely eliminate odors, dirty patches on the wall, fungi, mold and more. Your furniture will be well protected because they won’t absorb moisture and rot easily, and your clothes will finally be able to dry all the way to the end. 

However, these things are nothing when compared to the health benefits you’ll feel and your family will feel, especially if you usually have family members that get a cold easily or those with asthma or similar issues. 

Turbo mode

Unlike with other machines, with this one, you get some extra choices and one of them is the „turbo mode“ that you can use to increase the fan speed so you can do the dehumidifying faster! This is especially good for those that often forget to turn the dehumidifier on and they always have to make up for their memory. 

The numbersIt’s always good to know the dimensions of certain products because that can be overlooked and then you have issues with placing the very machine in your home. This machine measures 16.1“ inches in height, 10.4“ in length and 20“ in width.


  • more effective than small products
  • the great difference in moisture levels in your home
  • great price vs. quality ratio


  • not as quiet as advertised
  • a bit tricky to remove the water


Those who want to invest a bit more into a dehumidifier, but they still don’t want to overpay mediocre quality, should look into this one. It’s a very efficient, medium-size dehumidifier that will surely be a great companion for bigger rooms and houses.

It has minor design flaws, but the features like turbo-mode and auto-shut-off make up for the rest!

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