Afloia Electric Home Dehumidifier

Afloia Electric Home Dehumidifier is one in the series of products that will significantly increase your life quality when properly used. If you have a respiratory disease or someone in your household does, this may be of great help.

Afloia Electric Home Dehumidifier

People with weak immunity also benefit from balanced air because the chance of fungi or bacteria developing is far smaller. Many couples who got a newborn baby decide to regulate the humidity of their homes as well. What we want to take away from this is that everyone can benefit from dehumidifying their home. 


Portable & Ultra-quietThis compact electric dehumidifier adopts the advanced Peltier technology operates with whisper quiet operation instead the compressor.
High-efficiencyPortable and lightweight with 700ml water tank capacity quickly and efficiently is Capable of removing up 300±50ml water per day from your place(86°F, 80%RH).

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Perfect for anyone, anywhere

There are a lot of bigger, heavier dehumidifiers out there and people tend to buy them because they think that bigger products are more efficient. However, for those who like to travel, those who want to save space or bring their dehumidifier around with them, this is not an option.

The Afloia model is compact and you literally can’t hear it work. This makes it baby-friendly and pet-friendly since there are often pets that get alarmed with buzzing noises. It’s as light and as portable as it gets, and the capacity of 700 mL is also a great choice for anyone who is annoyed with emptying out the tray very often. 

The model fits in garages, bathrooms, caravans and more. It can even be in your closet if you wish. 


You’re looking at about 300 mL to be removed from your air daily, which may not seem like a lot, but it does create a big difference. The dehumidifier also doesn’t work 24 hours a day; it turns on and off to prevent overflow. When you empty out the tray, it starts to work again on its own. 

Keep in mind that the best efficiency is obtained when you’re anywhere between 59 and 86 Fahrenheits, although you don’t have to be as strict with it. A few degrees up or down won’t be life or death difference, but you may not be getting the best deal for your cash.

Get rid of humidity side effects

If you feel like your home has a „musty“ smell or maybe mold developing in damp corners, you definitely have to manage humidity. Moldy furniture, clothes that don’t dry fast and foggy windows are just a few more signs that you should be investing in a dehumidifier.

However, the biggest issues are usually health-related. Those with asthma will certainly feel a positive difference. 

No chemicals

This machine works without any chemicals and you can use it only by pressing one button. It’s really convenient and simple, even for elders. Just make sure to place it somewhere where it won’t be blocked by other furniture. 


  • efficient, small and budget-friendly
  • very easy to use
  • extremely quiet and kid-friendly
  • the best bang for your buck


  • small places only
  • limited when it comes to temperatures


If you’re looking for a simple product for your home, this is one of the best options out there. It’s small, convenient, energy-friendly and won’t disturb your kids nor your pets. It’s pretty budget-friendly and great for beginners, which means that everyone can use it without getting a plumber and doing a heavy-duty installation. 

It’s very portable, but limited when it comes to Fahrenheits, so make sure that you don’t live somewhere too cold or too hot.

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