Dri-Eaz PHD 200 Dehumidifier – Review

Today we’re having a look at the Dri-Eaz PHD 200 dehumidifier and we’re discussing its features, weighing the pros and the cons, and also talking a bit about whether this product would be a good choice for you.

Dri-Eaz PHD 200 Dehumidifier

We’ll also give you useful information about dehumidifiers in general, but we won’t make this a scientific article; just the things you need to know related to the features we will talk about.

Dri-Eaz PHD 200 Features

Curb Moisture in CrawlspacesControlling humidity in crawlspaces plagued by musty smells, mold and even pests is critical to the health of your home and family.
Control Humidity in Work AreasProtect your tools, plus ensure fast drying of paints and finishes.

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Both for your house and your company

This is a dehumidifier that does a fantastic job both for your home, but also for commercial use and big spaces, like your company. It can remove up to 15 gallons of moisture only in one day, which will be great for open spaces as well!

It’s also created to work for a long period of time without being switched off, which is an important feature for an office. You can’t be bothered to check it all of the time.

Easy to check

The control panel of this dehumidifier also has a backlight feature and you can turn it on if you’re working in a dark space or if you’re putting the dehumidifier in a corner where you don’t get any sunlight. You can also choose another language, but don’t expect that all of them are listed.

High-tech humidistat

We always like when the main features of a product are well-shown and when we can maneuver with the product easily! Setting the basic level of moisture in the air is as easy as setting a percentage between 40 and 90 on the screen. 

Make sure to stay somewhere around 50 for regular homes and 60 if you have very dry air in your climate. Don’t go any higher if you’re not putting the dehumidifier in the room for a specific cause. Mold won’t develop under 50% so if that’s what you are worried about, make sure to be under that number.

Set the temperature as well

This dehumidifier will push out „humid“ or „non-humid“ air, based on what percentage you choose on the settings screen, but it’s not only the moisture that bothers you. You surely don’t want hot air flying inside during August, right? You can choose any temperature between 45 Fahrenheits and 100 Fahrenheits and you’re good to go.

Works on its own

Once you set the settings, you don’t really have to be around it anymore. If the power goes down, this machine will start on its own once it comes back. This is especially useful for offices and places where you can’t be present all of the time.

Hang it if you wish

This dehumidifier is one of the rare pieces that have a mounting accessory, which means that putting the machine up in air won’t be such a problem. If you’re using it for specific causes and you want full coverage fast, you can put it on the ceiling as well.

Gotta believe the company

The manufacturer is giving you lifetime limited warranty on the chassis and you’re getting 6 years on the compressor and coil. This means that you’re safe for some time, but it doesn’t mean that the machine will never ever get broken.

Automatical pumping

You just connect this device to a drain and you don’t have to take any care of it! The water will just be forwarded somewhere else. You only have to clean the whole machine every once in a while, but that isn’t that time-consuming!

No more mold, mildew or rust

What’s great about this piece is that it’s a hardcore one: not the fancy ones you can put in your living room only. This bad boy can take care of pantries, garages, basements and attics, the places that really get humid.

By dehumidifying the air, you’re preventing rust from invading the metal, you’re preventing the mold from catching onto walls and creating a weak spot in the roof.


The dimensions of this product make it a perfect companion in your daily life and you can even bring it along to the seaside, an apartment you have on the other side of the town or the cabin you’re visiting to make your grandma happy!


  • Easy to work with, you don’t have to take care of it too much
  • Works both for home use and big offices
  • Put it on the ceiling or on the near-by walls with the mounting accessory
  • The filter can easily be cleaned and replaced
  • Fantastic warranty


  • Cannot go lower than 40% humidity, which won’t be enough for humid climates
  • Not too budget-friendly if you’re just trying out your first dehumidifier


This dehumidifier is surely not a beginner-friendly piece and is an overkill for those that just wish to make their living space a bit more comfortable. It’s not bad to invest in these types of things, but this piece is more suitable for use in garages, commercial buildings and more.

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