Best Small/Portable Dehumidifier

Finding the best small dehumidifier is a task, just like any shopping trip is. Whenever we want to buy something online, we usually encounter a bunch of advice and tips that are uncategorized and they tend to confuse us even more! In the end, many people buy a product they’re not happy with or a product that doesn’t actually have all of the things they were looking for. 

Best Small Portable Dehumidifier

We obviously don’t want that to happen to you, so we decided to make a very in-depth article about portable dehumidifiers, those that you can bring around wherever you want, whenever you want. 

First, we’ll talk basics, then we’ll list some of the more popular models and speak very briefly about them, and after that, we’ll go very into the advice, tips, tricks, and some knowledge that will help you make the best choice for your personal use.

What Is A Small Dehumidifier And Why Use One?

A dehumidifier is a device that removes humidity from our home. Humidity in the air is normal, but only in certain amounts. That’s why it needs to be controlled and people need to pay more attention to it since it can be a trigger for respiratory and health issues, as well as a problem for the household.

A small dehumidifier is essentially a regular dehumidifier of small dimensions. Each piece is very different because it has its own specifications, so you essentially just need to look into each one to see is it what you’re looking for.

No rotten furniture and floors.

If you didn’t know, wood that’s constantly exposed to moisture ends up being rotten most of the time and this is very common as well. People then have to buy new ones or protect the old ones with special treatments, which all cost money.

No mold on your walls.

If you notice that you have mold in the corners of your walls and mostly on your ceiling, this is a sign that you probably have very humid air in your home. It’s maybe because the house isn’t well isolated, it’s maybe because of bad circulation.

Fewer fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Most of these little „monsters“ love humidity and they grow faster, better and stronger when they’re in humid spaces. This can be very harmful, especially for kids, pets and elders that have low immunity. 

Better overall health, especially for asthma issues.

It’s very important that we don’t forget about those who have breathing problems all of the time because their problems often get much worse when the air they’re in is too humid. 

Better sleep.

So, why use a dehumidifier? We decided to list you just some of the most popular reasons and you give them a second thought, okay?It’s optimal to sleep in perfect condition – this is correct both for temperature, pressure, humidity and other specifications. If you’re suffering from issues in your sleep, if you wake up with a sore or a dry throat, it may be up to the humidity in your home. 

Dry clothes.

The thing is, in a humid home, the fabric is never really completely dry. That’s why you need to invest in a dehumidifier and get those perfectly warm and dry pieces. 

No weird smell in your home.

Wet things start to retain a musty smell, and that’s something you need to work on. Your home will never get rid of it, no matter how many windows you open, since the cause lies on the inside. 

Best Small/Portable Dehumidifiers

As mentioned, we’re going to go through the 7 top gadgets online, since these have been picked by the customers and additionally filtered by us. We’ll talk the obvious first, and then we’ll present you with the pros and cons.

Pro Breeze Electric Mini

The first gadget on the list is a product that will cover about 220 square feet and will do so very effectively!   It’s very quiet, which is perfect for kids and pets as well, and it has a tank that can store up to 18 ounces. It will surely save you some money, but keep in mind that you have to be between certain degrees Fahrenheit for the machine to work properly. 

You can’t choose specific humidity, since the machine does that for you according to your home, but it’s very powerful for the size and will surely be able to take out everything needed.

Ultra Quiet and Energy EfficientUtilising thermoelectric (peltier) cooling that is whisper quiet and energy efficient with a low power consumption, this mini dehumidifier is perfect for use in bedrooms, bathrooms wardrobes and caravans.
Easy to Dispense WaterTo avoid Freon leakage, a fatal flaw for a dehumidifier, AlorAir has introduced epoxy coated coils.


  • efficient
  • budget-friendly
  • quiet


  • works only between 59 and 86 Fahrenheit

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Afloia Electric Home

Next on the list is this 700 mL dehumidifier that has the same temperature limit as the above-mentioned one. Daily, you’re probably around 300 mL of water removal, and it won’t be as effective if it’s working in a very warm or a very cold space. 

The dehumidifier is energy-friendly and it’s not loud at all, and when it comes to using, it’s only a few buttons to get adjusted to. There are no chemicals involved in the work of this machine, so you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Portable & Ultra-quietThis compact electric dehumidifier adopts the advanced Peltier technology operates with whisper quiet operation instead the compressor.
High-efficiencyPortable and lightweight with 700ml water tank capacity quickly and efficiently is Capable of removing up 300±50ml water per day from your place(86°F, 80%RH).


  • easy to use, regardless of age
  • chemical-free and effective


  • no personalization

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Gurin Thermo Electric Mini

Our next gadget is the Gurin model that has a very simple interface as well. It has a LED light indicator and a simple power on – power off switch. It has the power of removing up to eight ounces daily, but the capacity of the tank is 16 ounces. This means that you don’t have to clean it daily. 

It’s ideal for those areas that don’t go over 1100 cubic feet. It also has the auto shut off technology that will save you money. The tank is very easy to replace and clean since the machine itself is very small and can fit closets as well.

The operating temperature, once again, goes only down to 41 degrees, and it won’t work under that temperature.

Auto Shut OfWhen full the dehumidifier automatically shuts off and the LED light will turns-on indicating the water tank needs to be drained.
CapacityApproximately 8 oz per day at 86F, 80% RH.


  • very small and extra portable
  • easy to clean and change the tank
  • minimal buttons
  • auto shut off feature


  • some people had bad communication with the manufacturer

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Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini

Here we have something much different here. This is a dehumidifier made specifically for closets and similar spaces. It’s a model that makes absolutely zero mess and it’s very practical and small. You don’t have to worry about any toxic fumes!

The capacity of the machine is 4 to 6 oz and you need to take care of the tank every 3 weeks. However, this machine is supposed to be in areas up to 333 cubic ft, so make sure that you know where the numbers are coming from. 

No batteries, no wires. Just the machine itself does the work.

Non-toxicSpill and mess free and is non-toxic, child and pet safe.
CapacityThe unit lasts 20-30 days before renewing. Capacity 4 oz – 6 oz.


  • effective
  • practical, no wires or batteries
  • specific, so it does the job better


  • small spaces (closets) only

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Hysure Dehumidifier

Our next model is a very quiet one and a very light one, which means that it’s extra portable and practical for all of those who wish to travel and spend more time in a „nomadic“ lifestyle. The machine makes no sound above 33 decibels, which is great for a sleeping time as well.

The tank is 700 mL big, which is your standard size. It has a very beautiful, sleek look that’s perfect for your modern and minimalistic home. It doesn’t look like every other device and the aesthetic may actually convince you to go for it. 

It saves energy, which makes your electricity bill smaller and will create the space that you have always wanted. It also shuts off whenever the tank is full, so you won’t come home and see a mess that was created by the overflow. 

In the first 30 days after you buy the product, there is a chance for you to get the money back if you find the product unsatisfying. If this isn’t great customer service, we don’t know what is.

Ultra-Quiet TechnologyUse peltier technology with no compressor makes it lightweight and quiet. Noise is below 33dB with no annoying sound, offer quiet and sound when you are sleeping.
Energy SavingUpgrade section dehumidifier with no chemical substances and low energy consumption, It Is an Ideal environmentally friendly solutions for absorbing damp and condensation.


  • very stylish and minimalistic look
  • auto-shutoff function to prevent mess
  • saves energy, quiet


  • some people claim that it can’t dehumidify bigger spaces

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Pure Enrichment Deluxe Mini

Now we’re talking a 300 mL device that’s great for one room or a smaller open space. It is „whisper-quiet“, as the packaging suggests, which is a great thing both for your pets, and your kids. 

This one, like the previous one, shuts off when the tank is full. However, a great feature that is really basic, but many other devices don’t have it is the transparent tank. This helps you a lot with the organization since you can see when you need to empty the tank out and you know how long it takes for the tank to fill in.

The usage is very simple and the dehumidifier is certified to be completely safe for all households.

Advanced Humidity ControlExtracts moisture from the air to reduce your home’s humidity levels and reduce the risk of attracting mold, mildew and other moisture-loving allergens.
Auto Safety Shut-offTurns off the dehumidifier when the water tank is full or at risk of overheating.


  • simple, easy to use
  • quiet and effective


  • Not strong enough for an open space

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hOmeLabs Small Space Dehumidifier

Finally, a small yet effective model. This one covers up to 1200 cubic feet and it’s great for your bathroom, bedroom, closet or office. It’s a very quiet model that shuts off when the tank is full.

This also means that, because of its power, this machine won’t work for a long session. It will extract the moisture pretty quick and then it will stop working until you empty the tank out. But, because of the size of the model, it can be a great travel companion and it works wonders in a car as well!

Clean Once Per WeekTo ensure your dehumidifier is working at its best, give your dehumidifier a clean weekly. Use a smooth cloth to wipe down the surface. Make sure to use a soft-bristled brush to remove any dust from the air inlet grills.
To Your HealthBreathe easy and feel relief from sneezing, stuffy noses, rashes, and coughing that occur from high humidity levels.


  • covers up to 150 square meters
  • auto shut off
  • fantastic price vs. quality ratio


  • holds up to 16 ounces

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How many pints do you need?

You’ve probably seen us use the measuring unit called „pint“, which is the most common one when it comes to dehumidifiers. According to the American standards, 1 pint is about 500 mL. However, knowing this information won’t help you much since you need context so you can actually understand it more thoroughly.

So let’s jump into the specifics. If you have a 10-pint dehumidifier, this means that you can remove up to 10 pints of moisture (condensed water in the tank) before you need to clean it up.

If you have a room that’s anywhere under 300 square feet, you won’t need more than 30 pints in your device. You can go for more if you’re a bit lazy and you don’t want to empty it out all of the time, but it won’t really be necessary.

If the room is more damp, though, you may want to add about 10 pints to the number.

The same goes for bigger spaces, which are by our standards those that go up to 1500 square feet. These will need about 70-pints for maximum effectiveness. If you feel like that’s too much, believe us, you don’t know how much moisture can be in the air in your house.

ACH or CFM? And what do those mean?

There are two more „specific“ that you need to know when you’re buying a dehumidifier, although you won’t be able to find out what’s the best portable dehumidifier just by looking at it… A lot of manufacturers don’t even include it into the description of the product and you’ll have to ask around, but once you’re familiar with the number it makes a huge difference.

The first one is CFM, which means Cubic Feet per Minute. The second one is ACH, which is Air Changes per Hour. There will be one of these declared with each product.

CFM is important because it lets you know how quickly you can get the results that you want. The higher the number, the faster the work. The ACH is the number that tells you how many times does the air need to go through the machine to be perfect.

This number is usually anywhere between 3 or 6, and it cannot be a great showcase for the product because not all air is on the same level of humidity.

Benefits Of A Small Dehumidifier

Now we’re going to cover some of the more important benefits that you’ll start to feel once you include a dehumidifier in your life. We’ll list them and you get to choose whether these reasons will be good enough for you or not.

Better health, less respiratory issues

For those who are concerned about their health or the health of someone close to them, we’re happy to let you know that having a dehumidifier comes with many benefits that are actually directly related to your health. 

If you have an allergy, you’re familiar with coughing, wheezing and similar issues. These are some of the most prominent symptoms when it comes to pulmonary health. If you had problems with these, you may know that these tend to get worse when the weather gets moist.

If someone in your house has low immunity, they will benefit from a dehumidifier as well.

Fewer fungi, bacteria, viruses and mold.

All of the above-mentioned organisms are usually moisture-lovers. They tend to appear in spaces that are wet or damp, and that’s why they won’t appear as much when you start to dehumidify your space. 

This is extremely important for babies and elders since these usually get the most issues when it comes to respiratory health and overall health. There is a much bigger chance that they’ll get infected with something as well.

No smelly air.

Moist air has a specific smell of „stale places“. It’s pretty normal to notice that and, most of the time, there is no way to open out the windows and really help the whole smell. It always comes back.

Dry clothes.

If you feel like the clothes in your apartment never dries completely, this may be a symptom of overall moisture. If it also has an unpleasant smell, then it’s definitely the excess humidity. Once you solve that problem, you’ll finally get the dry, warm clothes feeling you have been wanting to sense.

Extra portable + travel companion

When it comes to dehumidifiers, all of them can help you with all of the above, but not all of them are very portable while doing so. Smaller dehumidifiers are great to bring around and are especially useful when it comes to traveling.

Most of them fit into cars and can be brought around the world. The thing is, they are small, lightweight and most of them require little to no maintenance, which is really nice.

Your furniture will have a longer lifetime.

Maybe you didn’t know this, but all wooden furniture rots quicker when they’re constantly exposed to a lot of moisture. That’s why we’re aiming to remove it, so you won’t have to repair it or paint it over, or (worst case scenario), buy new furniture when your old one is done.

Features to Look Into When You’re Buying A Small Dehumidifier

How much energy does it require? 

If your dehumidifier „swallows“ quite a lot of power, it won’t really end up being eco-friendly, neither will it be friendly to your power bill. You also need to check whether you want the one with batteries or not, because those create a big difference.

Small or extra small?

When it comes to size, all of the above mentioned are sort of small, but sometimes we just need to find those that are very small in order to fit them into our cars, our vans or our closets. Keep in mind that not everyone’s definition of „small“ is the same, so check the dimensions if you want to be sure that you’re getting what you want.

Is it noisy or not?

This is something to look into if you’re a light sleeper, if you have a baby or if you have a pet. Otherwise, you don’t really need to be bothered by it, since most of these are really not that loud. They’ll act as white noise in the background and won’t really be of many issues to most.

What capacity do I need?

Not all of us really need the same capacity in our homes. Some of us live in a hotter climate, while some have really tough issues with moisture. Because of that, you’ll need to think about whether you want to invest in a bigger capacity or save cash.

Is it user-friendly?

Realistically, not all of these are really user-friendly. Some can seem a bit too complicated, while some can be not-so-complicated. If you’re older or if you know that you’re not good with technology, you may want to look into a more friendly alternative with fewer buttons.

So, what’s the best portable dehumidifier out there?

We know that everyone is different and that your needs may be very different from ours, but we want to let you know that after all of the processing, we came to the conclusion that the best one is the Pro Breeze Electric Mini.

It has the least negative sides – only the temperature that needs to be taken into account. Realistically, it’s the best price vs. quality ratio and the best coverage for such dimensions. You should check that one out if you’re a beginner and you’re just looking into a dehumidifier.


Now that you know everything about dehumidifiers, their pros, cons, features, and our little tips and tricks, it’s up to you to choose one that fits you most and the one that will bring you the best benefits for the cash that you’re willing to spend.

Make sure to check in with the rest of the features and see whether you need all of them – this will significantly reduce your list of possible products.

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