Should I use a dehumidifier in a caravan?

Getting a dehumidifier for a caravan is something that you have maybe considered before if you have one. You know how easily moisture and humidity make your things deteriorate and soon you’ll feel like the air is getting musty, you’ll see mold in the corners and the fabric inside will never feel completely dry.

Should I use A Dehumidifier In A Caravan?

This awful feeling is not something we want you to experience and the biggest reason lies in possible health issues as well. This is not something that you want to encounter. Let’s talk a bit about how this happens, what are the dangers and how you can fix the issue. 

Congratulations on the purchase

It doesn’t matter whether you bought your caravan a year ago, a month ago or 10 years ago. It’s a feeling that you must remember. Maybe you were saving up for quite a while to be able to get it, and maybe you’re still excited about it. Whatever the case may be, it’s important that you know that over time, your caravan starts to deteriorate.

If you live in a climate where the air is humid, it’s going to deteriorate even faster. You can stop the „outside deterioration“ only if you put the caravan into a dehumidified place. If you’re okay with re-painting it every 6 to 7 years, then you just need to put the dehumidifier on the inside. That way you’ll be able to preserve all parts – fabric, metal, plastic and more.

What happens if I don’t use a dehumidifier?

So, you’re not believing the whole „humidity thing“ and you just leave your caravan in your backyard, where it’s supposed to be. Winter passes by and Spring comes in March. You go to check out your caravan and give it a rinse, but you’re suddenly surprised with a bunch of negative consequences that you couldn’t have imagined would happen.

There’s mold in all corners, all fabrics are damp and they smell weird, including the seats! There is rust both on the inside and the outside, and the books, including all papery things, are weird. 

You let your kid inside to play around while you wash the whole thing, and a few weeks later they’re sick! Didn’t we tell you that spores, viruses, bacteria and dust mites love to go to more humid climates? 

Don’t waste away the money you’ve spent on the caravan and provide yourself with a nice, warm, cozy place with crisp air. 

What do I need to get?

You need to get pretty much any dehumidifier. These range from $10 to $200 usually, and the rule is – the more, the merrier. Don’t think too hard about the price ranges, though, since you probably don’t need an industrial piece. 

What you need to think tough about is the fact that the dehumidifier you’re getting needs to be a bit smaller, it would be good if it was easily portable. You need to be able to drain it all of the time, which means that a dehumidifier with a drain hose is a good idea. 

Also, getting one that remembers the settings when the power goes out is a good idea, since you may never know when that’s supposed to happen. 

Another thing you need to focus on is the fact that energy-saving ones are a very good idea. Since caravans are big and everyone likes to have fresh air come in, you need to make sure that your dehumidifier doesn’t pull all of the energy out from your panels. Either that or you’re paying a monstrous bill. 

Those that automatically prevent overheating are a phenomenal choice as well because you could really get in trouble if the heat gets to a mechanical part of the caravan. Just like with any other electric utility in the car, you should really be careful with where you put it as well since it can move around and fall over. 

What are some myths that I shouldn’t believe?

Well, to begin with, some people think that caravans don’t need to be dehumidified because most people often leave the air flowing around through the doors and the windows all of the time. This is exactly the reason why you should get one since moist air keeps balancing out and coming inside the caravan. The only thing that you should pay more attention to is the fact that your windows and doors need to be sealed if you want any efficiency during the times when the caravan is „all closed up“.

The other myth is that you can use dehumidifiers that are usually meant for your closet. Just because the caravan is not a regular room, it doesn’t mean that it’s not big. If anything, it’s as large as some of the rooms in your home. You should aim for a regular dehumidifier that corresponds to the size of your caravan. 

Should I get a refrigerant or a desiccant?

When it comes to a caravan, getting a refrigerant turns out to be a better option for most people. More effective, less messy and usually more budget-friendly. 


Now that you know what danger your favorite caravan is in, we’re sure that you’ll invest in a good dehumidifier. A small, portable, efficient, energy-saving dehumidifier is a must, but you’ll be better off getting one of those that has extra features and properties. These will make your life easier when you’re traveling.

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